A Special Post for A Beautiful Person

I am writing to you all a beautiful post, not because my writing is particularly beautiful, but because the person I am writing about is. Of all the great things I am looking forward to writing, this is probably the most important thing I will write. 
Today is a very important day to me. Today is October 14, and on this very day, two years ago, my all time favorite blogger made her very first post. I am talking about none other, than Tiana, The Book Raven.
Just say that out loud and tell me thats not the coolest name ever, am I right? Tiana, in my opinion, has the best blog on WordPress. Or in the world. What she does is truly special and unique. She mostly does book reviews, and she has this knack for finding the best books. And her reviews are excellent, she doesn’t just say “I love this book” or “I hate this book!” She’s not an amazon reviewer. She talks about the book, really talks about it. Even if you don’t want to read the book she’s talking about, its still great just reading her reviews. Not to mention every month she puts together a “Most Anticipated” list, talking about usually at least 25 boos that look to be worth reading. I really don’t understand how she does it, but every month she puts one together and I want to read every book on her lists.  
But thats not all she does. From time to time she talks about other things, like a movie or TV show she likes (or doesn’t). She also posts the most fantastic poetry. I never read much poetry, (except for Edgar Allen Poe) but she writes the most beautiful poems. Its worth reading her blog just for those. She discusses her personal life from time to time. What she does is truly unique. She is able to write very professionally and be personal at the same time. There are very few I’ve ever seen who do that. She writes with passion, and her way with words is truly amazing. I can write about beautiful things. She can write beautifully. You see what I’m saying? 
And if you have any love for what I do here at Groovy Glasses, then you should thank Tiana. It was through reading her blog I was inspired to start my own. And as you have all seen, I’m still getting used to this. I write very unfiltered, just the way I would talk to you in real life. I do this somewhat intentionally, but reading her writing inspires me to do a better job. 
She is an inspiration to me in my personal life as well. I look up to people like my favorite MMA fighter Conor McGregor (lets excuse the fact he often does and says very stupid things) because people like that inspire me to be better. To be stronger. To work harder to get where I want to be. To never quit. As much as McGregor inspires me, Tiana inspires me much more. 
Without divulging anything personal, on her blog you can (and should) read about how her life recently has become difficult. Her Dad, the person that means everything to her has cancer. Day by day she is watching him fade. I want you to stop and think about that for a moment. So she works a job, works hard at writing, all the while watching the most important person int he world to her, fade away. I want you to think about that. Think if that were you. Imagine your Dad, Mom, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or whatever, was fading before your eyes. You know it, you can’t stop it and you still get up and face every day it comes. Even though it feels like your world is falling apart, you still work hard, you stay positive. Imagine doing that every single day. Thats what she does. She has to go through that every day. And never once has she complained, ranted, or whatever. Never asked for sympathy. She’d be totally justified in doing so. But no, she stays positive. She works hard. She holds on to what she has, the people in her life, things that make her happy. How can that not inspire anybody? Her strength is something I really admire. 
And this post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention this. When I started my blog I never imagined I would meet her. That I would get to talk to her. I thought it was awesome she responded to my comments. But through a series of unintended yet very happy accident, I have met her. We talk a lot. And I’m here to tell you, she’s even more amazing in real life. I’ve become very close to her in the past two months. I value my relationship with her more than anything else in this entire world. Tiana is one of those rare people who are like something out of a movie or a book. Only she’s so much better than any fictional character because she’s real. She is an amazing and beautiful person. 
What else can I say? I could keep going on and on. But for now, I just want you all to know why this day is significant. I also want you to check out her blog here, and go shower her with likes and comments. She deserves all the love and praise in the world. As hard as she works, and as good as her writing is, there is no doubt in my mind she will be the next great author. Not a good one. There are dozens of good authors who write every year. She is one of the great ones. The ones who only show up once every few years and write these incredible books that win dozens of awards, that every book club from Atlanta to London talk about, that sell millions and millions of copies. Yeah that will be her, I know this. If you follow my blog I assume you put some level of trust in what I say about books and authors. Well trust me now. Trust me when I say she’s the next Stephen King. The next J. R. R. Tolkien. I know what I’m talking about. One day you will all see her as I already do. As a meteor, streaking across the sky for all the world to see, lighting everything with beauty. 
And so on her two year blog anniversary I want to give her the most sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU!! For her blog. For who she is. For everything. This post is a pale reflection of what she means to me. And the words ‘thank you’ don’t even begin to cover it. 
Thank you Tiana. For the inspiration you are to me, in my writing and my life. Thank you for being the person you are. I wish you the happiest two year anniversary and I hope you enjoy many more to come. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do in the future. I look forward to the posts you will write, the books you will publish. I can’t wait to see you on The New York Times bestseller list. Your 2.7K followers are impressive, but I personally believe that number will grow so much larger. You deserve it. Thank you. For everything. 



Hey guys! Today I am so excited to announce that I’ve been accepted to become a collaborator on The Bipolar Mental Health Blog! Started by James Edgar Skye just barely a year ago, it has grown to 8,000+ followers and a roster of thirty contributers, now including yours truly. It’s an amazing blog, all featuring stories and encouraging thoughts from people who deal with bipolar disorder. Its an important blog, dealing with real issues. Mental health is so important and it needs to be discussed, not by celebrity MD’s on a talk show. But by real people. I am so grateful that James Edgar Skye has started this excellent collaboration and worked as hard as he has on it. I’ve been reading it for months and now I have the chance to give something back, which is truly incredible. Being accepted is without question one of the proudest moments of my life.

I’ll still be discussing mental illness here at Groovy Glasses, I still want to continue the “Fireside Talks” series. But I’ll be doing the majority of it on The Bipolar Mental Health Blog. I highly encourage you all to check it out, hit the follow button if you’re interested. We all need to hear some of these stories. We will never truly become whole as a society until we can listen to the thoughts and struggles of others.

Anyway, here is a repost of my debut article, I hope you all enjoy it. I want to take this moment and thank you all. Thank you for reading my previous thoughts on mental illness, thank you for your comments, thank you for hitting the like button, thank you for making me feel confident in my own voice.

You’d Be Mine Book Review

Annie Mathers is America’s sweetheart and heir to a country music legacy full of all the things her Gran warned her about. Superstar Clay Coolidge is most definitely going to end up one of those things.
But unfortunately for Clay, if he can’t convince Annie to join his summer tour, his music label is going to drop him. That’s what happens when your bad boy image turns into bad boy reality. Annie has been avoiding the spotlight after her parents’ tragic death, except on her skyrocketing YouTube channel. Clay’s label wants to land Annie, and Clay has to make it happen.
Swayed by Clay’s undeniable charm and good looks, Annie and her band agree to join the tour. From the start fans want them to be more than just tour mates, and Annie and Clay can’t help but wonder if the fans are right. But if there’s one part of fame Annie wants nothing to do with, it’s a high-profile relationship. She had a front row seat to her parents’ volatile marriage and isn’t interested in repeating history. If only she could convince her heart that Clay, with his painful past and head over heels inducing tenor, isn’t worth the risk.

What I Liked:
I liked the overall southern flavor of the book. I was raised in the deep south so this is a culture that feels familiar to me. It was also nice to read about places in Georgia that I knew well. 
I also was impressed by the songwriting in the book. Country music really isn’t my thing. Nevertheless I can still see some of the songs in the book becoming chart topping hits.

What I Didn’t Like:
The relationships. There’s just way too much drama going on. Very little heart, very little of anything genuine going on. Throughout the book the main character constantly compares herself to Johnny Cash and June Carter. I kept waiting for her to realize she doesn’t need to imitate a celebrity relationship. Never happened.
Another thing I disliked was the characterization. All the characters were poorly drawn. As I mentioned above, everybody was constantly getting caught up in drama, and yet there’s nothing really motivating the characters. Half the time they don’t even seem to know why they’re doing what they’re soing, and thats something thats never resolved. 
And for my final criticism, there’s no story. No plot of any kind. Just random events all strung together without anything really tying it all in. I spent a lot of time wondering, ‘so whats going on here?’
The Verdict:
I hate leaving negative reviews, but sometimes you just have to. This book was not enjoyable for me at all. I got 40% of the way into the book and thought, “when is this going to end?” I had to force myself to finish it. I mean no disrespect to the author, I understand how much work goes into a book. I’m sorry, but this just wasn’t my glass of sweet tea. 

Why Can’t Life Be Like a Becky Albertali Book?

So faithful readers may remember that early in this blog I reviewed Becky Albertalis book “Simon VS. The Homo Sapiens Agenda”. It wasn’t a very good review, AT ALL. One thing I failed to mention in the review was how Albertali’s writing style irritated me. The way she portrayed relationships was syrupy sweet. No fighting, no arguing, people in her books find each other and their life becomes beautiful. I shook my head at that two months ago and said, “yeah right”. I thought it was highly unrealistic. Real life isn’t pretty in my experience. It sucks the majority of the time. 
Well I’ve mentioned this to you all before, and I’m going to say it again, but the past month has been the best month of my entire life. I didn’t plan for this. I didn’t intend for it. But I fell in love. And I fell hard. 
How? How is this possible? Look I’m a guy OK? I’ve sat through many rom com movies, only because my mother made the whole family sit down and watch them. (Although I did have the time of my life watching “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, that was genuinely funny) I’m not flighty, I’m not much of a ‘ladies man’. To be honest with you all, I didn’t believe in love. 
Oh sure there were people in the world who were in love. I knew that. I’d see them sometimes when shopping with my parents. A guy would be walking down, his arm around a girl, the girl with her arm around him. Both having these idiotic grins on their faces. Laughing and smiling, as if the whole world was awesome. Yeah, not for me. I was too scarred by life to believe that existed for me. I genuinely believed I was nothing. I had screwed up too badly in life, I didn’t deserve it. I was, to quote Andy Black, “a hazard to myself”. 
So I just tried to be generally happy. I didn’t need love for that right? Right. I was all good. I don’t need anybody. I devoted myself to music, learning everything about it I possibly could. And I thought my life was full. I was doing great. Looking forward to a career in music, eventually buy my own house, fill it full of guitars. So yeah, reading Becky Albertali annoyed me. Too fairy tale like. Its not possible to fall in love and then dance off into a beautiful life.
I didn’t see it coming. It was like a whirlwind. I just starting talking to her, and almost immediately I fell in love. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t just like her. I had all these crazy emotions going off in me like a molotov cocktail. And these were deep. It wasn’t just some fluffy feelings. I understood the John Green quote, “I thought that if people were like rain, I was a drizzle and she was a hurricane”. She is like a hurricane, coming into my life with such force it leaves me breathless.
My entire world was turned completely upside down. Everything changed. I wanted things I never knew I wanted. And I have this bizarre desire to make her happy. I can’t explain it, I’ve never felt that way, EVER. Its like I don’t care so much about myself anymore, I’m losing myself in her. Whatever makes her happy, makes me happy. 
And I can’t help but wonder, why can’t life life be like a Becky Albertali book? Like I saw on this book blog I follow that she has a new one out, “What If Its Us?” I read the description and I kinda want to read it. Even though I can already tell you what will happen, I still want to read it. Why can’t everything be beautiful between us? Why can’t we go through life, not fighting, not arguing? Just waking up every morning in each others arms, thinking that today will be the best day of our lives? Why can’t every moment spent together become the new greatest moment of our lives? Why is that unrealistic?
This is the real thing. I have no doubt. I was a fairly happy person. And now, there is nothing that can being me down! I wake up every day feeling invincible. Like this morning for instance, I got up and started my day dancing. I’ve never done that before. I was so happy, I just wanted to dance and I had Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” on repeat. (Side note: “24K Magic” is a seriously good song!) The ONLY thing that could have made this morning better was if she was dancing with me.
I’m a hard rock dude OK? I love blaring out stuff from, Avenged Sevenfold, Guns n’ Roses, Metallica, AC/DC, Nirvana, stuff like that. And I’m singing everywhere I go (usually under my breath, unless I’m absolutely sure nobodys around). I’m singing Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Michael Buble, stuff like that. Grinning like an idiot. Dancing in my room like I’m in a Bruno Mars video. Saying things I never dreamed I would say. In this month I’ve turned into a sappy, starry eyed romantic. I looked at myself in the mirror the other day and asked, “where the hell did you come from?” 
She is the very best part of my life. Just today I received a very special confirmation e-mail I can’t wait to tell you all about. I’ve been accepted to become a featured contributor to a very special blog. I’ll officially announce it in my next post. Its a proud moment for me. But, it doesn’t even come close to the pride I feel in being called her boyfriend. I’m reaching new levels of happiness almost daily. 
I know this isn’t a particularly professional post. I write my posts totally unfiltered. 95% of what I write, I don’t think out. I just wake up, write whatever comes into my head and then I hit publish. Like today, I just woke up, danced to Bruno Mars, sat down and wrote this. Can’t help it! I want to tell the entire world about this incredible, amazing girl!
And let me encourage you all a little, I’m here to tell you, this thing called love, its real. But its nothing like books or movies portray it, its way, WAY better! Its the greatest thing in the world, and I truly believe it exists for everyone. Even for you. Yes, YOU! Take it from a battle scarred skeptic. And if you already are with someone, then get up right now, and let them know how much you love them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to dance some more…..

I’m Angry (& You Should Be To) 

So yesterday I got up and made myself some coffee, enjoyed a little Avenged Sevenfold. And I sat down to write you guys a great book review. I then read an article on WordPress that changed everything. I read a horrific story from a very close friend of mine talking about how she was harassed. I want everybody reading this to stop whatever you’re doing and read this post.
When I had finished my blood was boiling. I was so angry. I wanted to grab the maggots who did that and make them regret the day their mothers gave birth to them. And as chance would have it, on the same day, there was another blogger friend who had posted her story, which I also want you to read here.
I trashed my review and immediately set to work. Two friends of mine had both been treated like sex objects and I needed to do something. A punching bag was unfortunately not in a convenient area. So I am taking to WordPress, and am determined to raise hell over this issue. 
We are living in a culture that sickens me sometimes. Remember Harvey Weinstein? Last I checked over thirty different women had been abused by him and they all, stayed silent. Having to endure the ultimate shame, having been violated in ways no woman should ever endure. And all it costed him was a million dollars. He got off. We had all the evidence in the world to convict that bastard and shove his ass in prison for life. And he’s a free man today. Or how about Bill Cosby? It took almost thirty years for the culture to come around to the point where the women he abused could finally receive justice, and even then it was a very slow process. He got off far too lightly in my opinion. This inexcusable behavior even ascends to the highest office in the land. Does anyone remember those tapes that leaked out during the last presidential election? How then candidate Trump was bragging about grabbing women in sensitive areas and touching them all over? This is the man we elected as our nations leader. And I’m not being self rightous, it saddens me to know that I too supported Trump. One of my big mistakes in life that I regret constantly. 
I don’t claim to be a saint, I’ve screwed up a lot in life. But, I can honestly say I’ve never forced myself on any woman, EVER. Whenever I hear stories like the ones above, I’m boiling with rage. This kind of behavior is sick, and vile. It’s not just “boys being boys”. It’s a mindset issue. When any man forces himself onto a woman’s space, when she says “get away, no!” he is effectively telling her, “I own you, I’m above you.” It degrades women. He is saying, “I don’t see you as a human being, you’re just a sex object for my pleasure”. 
The obvious question is, why? Why do men today have this mindset? Many reasons. I think primarily its because men are never punished for it. Women are always made out to be the cause. I hear this all the time, “well she shouldn’t have dressed that way.” I don’t care if the woman is walking around in a goddamn bikini, speaking as a man, I can control myself perfectly well. And so can every other man out there. 
If a woman wants you, she’ll say so. If not, then back the hell off! Why, WHY, is this so hard for so many?! I have no tolerance for people who pull this kind of shit. I admit I’m ranting here, but this is am issue. It a serious issue. These women who are being violated, could be anyone. It could be sister. My mother. My girlfriend. You think I’m going to sit passively? Hell no! 
So parents, please, PLEASE teach your sons about personal space. We live in a culture where womens privacy being violated is OK. Its not OK. Its not excusable in any way. This should be punished in our society. We all should have no tolerance. Every time we hear these stories, we all should be mad as hell. Because if we’re not, if we become jaded, used to these stories, I shudder to think of our future as a society. 

Slash Book Review

Hey guys, whats up? I am SO excited to be alive right now because Slash’s new album, “Living The Dream” is coming out next week! Slash is my all time favorite guitarist, he’s actually my inspiration for learning in the first place. And his work with Guns n’ Roses and his solo work continues to inspire me. As excited as I am, I tried to remember that this is a book blog. So today I’ll be reviewing Slash’s autobiography, I bought over a year ago. 
What I Liked:
The awesome stories. Slash has so many great stories to tell, like how he grew up with David Bowie as a father figure (!!!!!), learning to play the guitar, and stories of Guns n’ Roses early days. You should read him talk about meeting Axl Rose for the first time, that is worth the price of the book all on its own. Oh and ever wondered what was with the, erm, sexiness of “Rocket Queen?” There’s a story behind that too, and Slash doesn’t spare any details. 
The well written style. I’m genuinely surprised at how well this book is written. Its common for celebrities to ghostwrite their books so they can make money. Slash isn’t that kind of celebrity, and you can tell it hasn’t been ghostwritten. You can tell Slash wrote it himself, and he does a great job. He write cleanly, and he knows how to tell a good story. He’s also got a great sense of humor.
The inspiration. I was also taken aback that Slash is actually very wise (duh! Of course he is!). He reflects on his life a lot, and admits his mistakes. And he says really inspirational things sometimes. Like for example, when he was first married his wife hung up his gold records on the wall. He said he took them back down explaining, “I don’t need a gold record to tell me how good I am. I already know that.” 
What I Didn’t Like:
My only complaint is actually kind of unfair. This book was written in 2007, when Slash had formed Velvet Revolver. Velvet Revolver was one of those great bands that just didn’t make it. Nobody to this day understands why, even the critics admit it was a great band. And the book ends with Slash looking forward to his future with Velvet Revolver. I would like to see him expand the book someday, and talk about how he started his solo work. And how he met Myles Kennedy (Myles is a very gifted musician who collaborates with Slash ALL THE TIME), I would really like to hear that story. And of course, getting back together with Guns n’ Roses is something I’d like to read about. But again that is an unfair complaint, how was Slash supposed to know all of this would happen in 2007? Its still a fantastic read. 

The Verdict: 10/10
I love reading this book. I’ve read it three times already. Slash is pretty much the god of guitar playing for me. So reading the backstory of my guitar hero is pretty freakin’ awesome. And even if you’re not a huge fan, I still think its a worthwhile read. 

Fireside Talks #1 Interviewing Tiana, The Book Raven

Hey guys, welcome back to “Groovy Glasses”! I could not be more excited about today, because today I have a very special post, with a very special guest. (Although to be perfectly honest, I feel like the guest here!) 

As you all know, the mental illness community is something I actively work to contribute to. I have attempted to combat the bigotry, fear and lies that are so pervasive, by sharing my thoughts and my story. Today I’m announcing a brand new series, “Fireside Talks”. Where I interview real people, who are going through real struggles. My hope is that by reading this series, all of the lies will be stripped away. And you will see ‘mentally ill’ people for who they are. Real people. Not freaks. Not as people who are defective in some way. 

For this first interview, I got to sit down with Tiana, The Book Raven, a very popular book blogger, and special friend. She graciously agreed to answer some questions and share her thoughts. I am so excited for you all to read this, and get to know this incredible person. 

Hi everyone! My name is Tiana Wolfe and I’m a book blogger over at The Book Raven. Obviously, books and writing are passions of mine and have been a major comfort to me when life gets difficult. I’m really happy to share my experience with all of you. 

Tell me, in your own words, what you struggle with. Forget labels.

I struggle with Depression.. and some form of anxiety that relates a lot to how I see myself and my actions changing when I’m in public vs. being at home. The labels don’t bother me. Actually they are comforting to me because they have helped me separate the issue from myself and realize that it isn’t just who I am it’s something other. I didn’t think I had anything affecting me for the longest time because I always attributed it to the many things that have happened in my life and feeling that my reaction to those things were normal (and they kinda were, but crying almost every night and the way I tore myself down wasn’t). 

How has your struggle impacted your life?

Honestly, I think it’s made me better as a person. I don’t know if I’d be so driven to go out of my way to be there for others without knowing what it felt like to feel so alone myself. It’s one of the things that has helped me to heal. It’s kept me honest. With friends or anyone who needs it I keep myself open to having conversations about whatever it is that bothers them. It makes me proud to know that others can feel comfortable with speaking to me, because they know that I always do my best to understand them and to give them a sense of solidarity. More and more I’ve come to really appreciate the person that my struggles have allowed for me to become. 

Does it affect your day to day life?

It does and it doesn’t. When I’m really low I’m reclusive. I will do my best to speak if I’m spoken to and in a classroom environment I would answer questions as often as I normally would, but sometimes it’s harder to keep up the mask at some points then others. 

Middle school especially was a hard time for me. I always had my nose stuck in a book and sometimes I would just walk around the play area reading and I only had one friend that I really talked to. Now, even with a lot of things going on thanks to a lot of things, it’s not really bad at all. My coworkers have noticed that I’ve been really happy and it’s really really nice. 

Have you ever felt the need to hide this part of yourself? 

I think that I hide this part of myself so well that I didn’t even know that I was suffering from anything. My yearbooks from sophomore-senior years have the nicest comments ever and it showed just how good I was at hiding that I was having an issue. Back then my whole life for my first 18 years felt like a crazy balancing act I was losing so having people I didn’t realize saw me so positively see me that way made me incredibly happy. It’s odd to think that some of the Darkest poetry I have ever written come from that same time. 

Have you ever felt any self-hatred? 

Yes.. I’ve felt a lot of self-hatred. It stemmed a lot from a feeling of self-pity and a feeling of a lack of self-worth. I felt like a hypocrite. In front of others I was this person that was still me, but it was so the opposite of how I felt inside. It wasn’t like I was lying to them or anything, but my anger and resentment towards myself when I was alone was thick. I felt like no matter what I did I was destined to be just like my grandmother and everything in me that was like her I detested. Every moment in her presence I just wanted to be away from her and I just pasted a smile on my face and kept going forward out of fear. I hated too that I feared her. Every piece of anger in me I hated. Every thought of outside blame I hated. Every word I said was under my own scrutiny and I convinced myself I was terrible. 

What has helped you get through? 

My family. Even when a lot of what bothered me about myself is the things I’d say when I was angry and depressed to them were part of my biggest hurts. All the “you don’t understands…” and “how could you say that’s.” And the moments where my words hit them where I knew would hurt them the most, because I was in pain and it was all I could see. No matter what, they never gave up on me and we have always fought to stay together. Their love for me kept me strong and sane in the hardest years of my life. 

What makes you smile even when times are tough? Song, book, etc.
Markiplier’s Try not to laugh videos hands down is one of the things that will not fail to get me to smile. Also, pretty much any and all videos the try guys from buzzfeed make put a smile on my face. Comedy movies especially ones with Melissa McCarthy also put me in a really good mood. Humor in general allows me to forget my problems. Books can be hit or miss if I’m feeling really down. Sometimes if I relate to them too strongly it can be more harmful than good such as Impulse by Ellen Hopkins.. excellent book, but I was lucky to be in a decent headspace when I read it. Although in general all the books I’ve read have done a great job at letting me escape into another world. Music too. In general, pretty much all the music I’ve listened to has helped me in someway. Really upbeat music like the music Galantis makes keeps me happy and ready to dance and I’ve listened to them so much that I know pretty much all the words to all of their songs. Music that is a little on the minor side of things leak in too, but half the time I wouldn’t realize just how much the songs would affect me. Most of all writing is what kept me sane. Poetry in particular. When I felt the lowest of the low I would write and it would make it so what was bothering me was outside of myself and it helped me keep it seperate. Like it couldn’t touch me as bad because it was no longer just in my thoughts. 

Closing comments?
I just want to thank you Andrew, for asking to interview me. Mental health is something that I will forever advocate for. It means a lot to know others like you care so much about it. So many people suffer silently with mental health for so many reasons. A lot of times we can be quick to judge others for their actions when we don’t know how they are struggling on the inside. The world sadly can be ignorant to those of us that struggle silently, simply because there isn’t enough education on disabilities and internal health problems out there. It’s gotten a little better, but I think that the more people converse openly about this stuff the more we can start to bridge that gap and build more compassion and kindness amongst the majority of people. 

If you’re reading this, know that whatever you struggle with you are not alone. There are people out there that care for and love you. It’s important to try and let people in and share at least something of our stories with those that truly care about us. Sometimes, well, a lot of the time, that can feel impossible, but the right people can make you feel like you are standing at the top of the world.